Let’s Get Sensual: Aphrodisiac Herbs & More- Herbalisting


It’s time to get steamy! Do you know what makes you tick, what really gets you going? It’s about time to get connected with your sacred, sexual self on a whole new level. It’s safe to say there are a lot of aphrodisiacs out there, but what exactly is an aphrodisiac and what makes it so powerful? An aphrodisiac has the ability to move us out of our head and into our body. It gets your physical self fired up and ready to go.  There are two types of aphrodisiacs that help to connect us with our sexual selves. Nervines give off an immediate stimulation and they also have are known to heal the nervous system. They can sometimes even elevate moods and sooth the emotional self. Nervines often increase blood circulation which gives off an immediate and instant stimulation that can be quite satisfying. Adaptogens have more of a long term and drawn out fulfillment on the body and nervous system. Adaptogens works not only to balance the body but to restore the systems. This increases our energy overall and heightens the sexual experience. Aphrodisiacs help us to shift into a place that allows us to open up our hearts and fully embody the love that we feel.

Now let’s talk commitment. Our relationship with plants should be mutual and special. Anytime we choose to allow a plant to share its medicine with us, we must be sure to ask for its power and offer it everlasting gratitude. When we allow a plant into our sacred vessels, we are being exposed to the whole plant. This means that we are experiencing the whole personality. When it comes to aphrodisiacs, we must offer our full, open heart so the plant in return can do the same. This way, the relationship is reciprocal. I think it’s time to reveal some of these aphrodisiacs and what their special powers are.

A beautiful flower, a sweet aromatic fragrance and a worldwide symbol of love, there is a strong connection to the Rose and her loving grace. Rose, also known as Rosa canina, is a gentle reminder of our ability to open up and embody love. Just like the Rose, we have the capacity to open ourselves up and let our hearts bloom and grow. This flower is full of antioxidants and acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory and is often connected to the divine feminine. Rose acts as an effective blood tonic due to high nutrients and its ability to increase circulation. If your heart breaks, Rose is there to pick up the pieces because she is great remedy for the wounded lover. When the plant dies, she produces a fruit high in Vitamin C and nutrients known as, Rose Hips. Even in her final days, she brings such beautiful medicine that can be enjoyed as a tea or tincture.


Mighty Damiana is a powerful and masculine energy that is an excellent aphrodisiac. Damiana, or Turnera diffusa, is a powerful nervine that can help soothe tension or anxiety. It is known to boost serotonin levels. It also helps to balance the overall body system and it works to increase the blood flow especially to the heart center.


When it comes to emotional healing and self-love, Rose Quartz essence is the way to go. It helps to channel love in any form in which you choose. It helps to develop trust in our hearts. Rose Quartz essence, like Rose, carries the vibration of the divine feminine. Whether you are just wearing the stone or taking the essence internally, Rose Quartz can really teach you to open your heart.
So snuggle up with someone who tickles your soul and connect with your sacred sensuality.



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